The Alcona County Jail is operated as a part of the Alcona County Sheriff's Office. The jail has a rated capacity of 31 beds and provides inmates with the best supervision possible. The correctional staff consists of a Jail Administrator and eight highly trained professionals that provide the safety of the facility and treat all with respect and dignity.







Inmate Commissary Accounts


  • All booking and warrant fees must be paid in full before money can be used for commissary items
  • A jail commissary is provided for inmates to order personal supplies, food stuffs, and other items. Money may be drawn from the inmate’s personal account to purchase commissary items. A list of items available for purchase and ordering instructions may be requested from Corrections Staff.
  • After all booking and warrant fees are paid in full the jail will draw 25% from the account to reimburse the County for housing, medical, dental or other fees incurred during incarceration.
  • There is a $100 per week limit on commissary purchases
  • Money orders are accepted via mail to the inmate. There is a kiosk machine in our lobby that can be used for bond or to put money on the inmates account with credit/debit card or cash. You may also put money on inmates account at


  • The inmate trust fund is a repository for inmate money. There is no limit to the amount of money that an inmate may receive into their commissary account. At no time will money in an inmate’s account be transferred to another inmate’s account.



Inmate Medical

The Alcona County Jail is currently contracted with Advance Correctional Healthcare for it medical staff.  Health services are accredited through the National Commission on Corrections Health Care.

  • No inmate will be denied medical treatment because of his or her inability to pay.
  • An inmate requiring medical attention should inform the Duty Corrections Officer that you are requesting an Inmate Sick Care Request Form to be completed and returned to the Officer on duty. These forms will be forwarded to the Jail medical staff for review.
  • If you have a medical need that you feel is an emergency, notify the Duty Corrections Officer as soon as possible, so that arrangements can be made for treatment.
  • All inmates who are expected to remain in the custody of the Alcona County Jail for fourteen (14) days or longer are eligible for a Health Appraisal, including a TB test conducted by its Jail medical staff at no cost to the inmate.

Mental Health: 

Services and evaluations are provided by Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health. Any inmate needing to talk to the Mental Health doctor, will need to fill out a Sick Call slip first and see the Nurse. The Nurse will determine if an appointment to see the Mental Health doctor is necessary.  If you need to talk to a crisis worker, please notify the Jail staff and we will contact them for you.



  • All inmates must have approval from health care staff and a jail supervisor before you have anyone deliver any medical items, including eyeglasses.
  • The jail only accepts medicine currently prescribed by a doctor or other health care provider. Creams and inhalers must be new and unused in original packaging. The prescription label must show the name of the inmate, the name of the medication, dose and frequency, and the prescribing doctor. We will not accept prescription vials or bottles containing medications – (no exceptions).  Medical staff and/or jail staff will then contact the Jail Doctor about all medication. The Alcona jails doctor will then instruct staff on what will be allowed and what will be denied.


Inmate Visitation


Visiting Rules:


  • Must be 18 years or older to visit
  • All visitors are subject to search
  • Anyone passing any type of contraband will be prosecuted and banned from future visits
  • Inmates with the last name beginning with letters A-L may have visits on Sunday and Thursday
  • Inmates with the last name beginning with letters M-Z may have visits on Wednesday and Saturday
  • All visits are 15 minutes long
  • Only two fifteen minute visits for each inmate per visitation day
  • Visitors must not have been lodged at Alcona County Jail within the last two months

How to make an appointment to visit:


  • Appts will be taken by phone at 1-989-724-9570 or in person after 8am on the same day as the visit.


Inmate Visiting Hours:

  • Sunday (A-L) 12:30pm – 3:30pm
  • Wednesday (M-Z) 5:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Thursday (A-L)                5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Saturday (M-Z)                 12:30pm – 3:30pm


Inmate Mail



Personal mail is any and all mail to an inmate not from inmate’s attorney of record. Inmates have no expectation of privacy for any personal mail.


  • All inmate mail will be sent through the United States Postal Service.
  • No mail from another inmate or another correctional facility will be accepted.
  • All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for items that are not allowed into the jail.
  • Mail containing threats, plans for escape, or advocating violence or otherwise violating jail policy will be censored and may be turned over to a Deputy/Sheriff for evaluation and potential prosecution.


  • Letters may be sent to inmates daily, addressing it to the inmate with the Alcona County Sheriff’s Office address. No inmate number is needed


Inmate Name

214 W. Main Street

Harrisville, MI 48740


Letters cannot contain:

  • Glitter, stickers, unknown odor, unknown substance on letter or envelope, must be written in pen (black or blue ink only), pencil or typed, no correspondence to a victim of a crime, stamps, envelopes, and extra paper.


  • Any mail containing these things will be denied and placed in their personal property.



Inmate Property



  • When people are arrested and lodged in our jail, their personal belongings are inventoried and stored in the property room. This includes their clothing, wallet, jewelry, and any other item they brought to the jail.
  • Everything an inmate needs in jail is either issued to them by the jail, available for purchase through commissary, or issued by medical staff. Inmates may purchase optional items from the jail commissary, such as snacks, hygiene items or writing supplies.  They may also receive soft cover books or newspapers by mail. All books need to be mailed directly from a store or company such as amazon. All newspapers must be mailed directly from the publisher.
  • Even though inmates may receive approved items, they may only keep a certain amount of property in their cell. Inmates do not have access to the property room.
  • Inmates are allowed to have someone bring in three pairs of underwear three pairs of socks and three bras (bras cannot contain underwire in them). No t-shirts or long underwear is allowed. They must be new and in unopened packages or they will not be allowed. They are also allowed to have court clothes for a jury trial, or clothes for the inmate to wear when they are released from the jail brought in for them.